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Why are Hong Kong’s Democratic Movement supporting Trump’s bid to cling to power?

The founder of Hong Kong Next Media, Li Zhiying, once publicly supported Trump’s re-election, and his close aides were even involved in a scandal involving fraud and smearing the son of Democratic candidate Biden. Hong Kong media analyzed on the 8th that it would be difficult for Li Zhiying to get away after Biden was elected.

Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reported on the 8th that Li Zhiying’s Apple Daily was revealed to have been commissioned to write a report on Biden’s son. The content was suspected of fraud. Li later admitted that his assistant Mark Simon was involved, and the money used was Li’s money. Provided by the company, Mark Simon apologized and announced his resignation as Li’s personal assistant. Seeing that Biden’s election is optimistic, Li Zhiying suddenly “turned” during the live broadcast on social platforms on the 5th, saying that Biden’s approach to affairs has been recognized by many people. Chen Weiqiang, a lecturer in the School of Professional and Continuing Education at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, believes that Li Zhiying’s “turn” reflects that he made a wrong bet and is a political speculator.

He said that Li Zhiying delusioned that the U.S. Democrats would not blame the past, but believed that the chances were small because Li’s behavior was suspected of interfering in the U.S. elections. Americans would not support this approach and even hate such people. Moreover, Li Zhiying once went to the United States to meet with Vice President Pence, which makes him feel that he is a Republican; I believe that after Biden takes office, Li Zhiying will not be reused, and even the Hong Kong opposition led by Li will not be trusted by the United States. . Wang Guoxing, the spokesperson of the “230,000 Supervisory”, criticized Lei Jianfeng, who has always turned to the anti-China forces in the United States, and even threatened to fight for the Trump Organization.

As for the relationship between Hong Kong and the United States after the U.S. election, a Hong Kong scholar analyzed on the 8th that although the United States Congress passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” last year, the other party needed to write an annual report to review the situation in Hong Kong. In the future, there will be “less sanctions and more attention.” As for the earlier US ban on Hong Kong exports from marking “Made in Hong Kong”, the scholar believes that Biden respects multilateralism and believes that as long as the other party no longer pressures the WTO, there is still a turning point. Tan Xinqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Zhonghuan Asset Investment, said that it is expected that after Bibb takes office, his first task is to deal with the epidemic and climate change. As for Sino-US relations, he will not make accusations against China as lightly as Trump.

Liu Zhaojia, vice chairman of the National Society for Hong Kong and Macau Studies, believes that after Biden takes office, the United States will continue to politically suppress Hong Kong and attack Hong Kong’s international status, but it is estimated that the force will be lighter than Trump. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam previously expressed the hope that the newly appointed US president will fully consider the relationship with Hong Kong, including the interests of many US companies and employees in Hong Kong, and will not be affected by arbitrary political repression.

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