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Sony Expands Vlog Lineup, New ZV-1F, Vlog Cameras to Boost Your Creativity

Sony announced a new vlog camera today ZV-1FPacked with creative power, easy-to-use vlogging features, advanced connectivity and eco-friendly features, it’s the go-to new camera for vloggers and creators looking to capture stunning stills and videos. The pocket-sized camera is optimized for vlogging using Sony’s latest technology to make your content stand out.

ZV-1F Main features:

  • Ultra wide angle 20mm fixed[i] F2.0 prime lens for selfie photography
  • Background bokeh and face-priority AE that make the subject stand out
  • Skin tone optimization including soft skin effect option
  • High-precision focusing and eye AF for both people and animals[ii]
  • Active mode (electronic) image stabilization for video recording[iii]
  • Creative look presets for ultimate visual expression
  • Slow-motion and quick-motion options to boost your creativity
  • Product Showcase Settings for Product Reviews
  • Enhanced touchscreen capabilities with Touch Zoom and Step Zoom[iv] Functionality
  • Clear voice recording with 3 capsule mics and windscreen
  • 4K 30p/FHD 120p
  • Easy smartphone connection for transferring social platform content
  • Eco functions to reduce environmental impact

“We designed a pocket-sized vlog camera. ZV-1F Sajeer Shamsu, Head of Digital Imaging at Sony Middle East & Africa, said: “As audiences in the Middle East and Africa region increasingly demand high-quality content, creators are looking for an all-in-one camera that offers superior quality with creative options that is easy to use and designed for wireless content sharing. You need a solution, and we’re proud of the green features built into it. ZV-1F Sustainability continues to be a key focus for Sony. “

boost creativity

of ZV-1F The ultra wide-angle 20mm single focal length lens is ideal for selfies, and the wide field of view captures the background well, so the subject is designed to shine in any scene. The vlog camera also offers background bokeh in both stills and videos to further enhance your subject or create a softer look.

Optimized for both video and stills Skin Tone is optimized using the ‘Soft Skin Effect’ option that smoothes and reduces wrinkles in video recordings and creates a natural skin tone effect for stills. increase. Face Detect AE automatically adjusts the brightness during shooting so that faces can be shot with optimal brightness even in situations where the brightness changes.of ZV-1F It also boasts precision focusing and eye AF for both humans and animals, ensuring autofocus locks onto faces and eyes without distraction from other subjects. The user can easily change the subject via the camera’s touchscreen.

In addition, image stabilization can be used in active mode when shooting movies[v] (Electronic) Makes the image stable and smooth when walking.

The newly available Creative Look feature gives users several preset options to create their preferred mood in both stills and video using differences in tone, brightness, color depth, etc. Offers. A total of 10 modes are available to enhance creativity, allowing users to share content instantly without the need for editing.

of ZV-1F Equipped with S&Q mode[vi] Take both slow motion shots at 5x slower speed[vii] and 60x quick motion[viii] Hyperlapse speed to achieve the desired effect.

In addition to still images and videos, high quality sound is essential to capturing the perfect content. A directional 3-capsule mic and windscreen provide clear voice recording and noise reduction even in windy outdoor conditions.

A simple and compact vlogging device

of ZV-1F It’s designed to be completely user-friendly so that vloggers can focus on capturing content and intuitively use the camera without any problems. Weighs only approx. 229g[ix] Compact and lightweight enough for daily use, you can carry it anywhere. It also has a vari-angle LCD touch screen that allows you to change functions and settings with a touch, such as the zoom function.[x]So the operation is intuitive.

The new vlog camera includes a Bokeh Switch button that allows users to quickly switch background blur between when they want their face highlighted or not, even while recording a video. It also features a product showcase setting that allows users to seamlessly shift focus between faces and products, perfect for reviews.

of ZV-1F Equipped with a self-timer[xi] A recording lamp for capturing video content more easily.

Connectivity and accessories

new vlog camera, ZV-1F, optimized for use on smartphones.Sony’s new smartphone app Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ [xii] You can connect to your camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transfer images and videos. Captured content can be easily transferred to your smartphone and uploaded to social platforms.Users can also mark shots for social posting using Shot Marks[xiii] while filming or on camera. Additionally, users can cut and transfer specific 15, 30, or 60 seconds of her.[xiv] Post marked clips directly to social on your smartphone without having to edit the length to fit your platform.

of Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ The app allows users to control many of the camera’s settings such as date, time and area, as well as software updates and support guides. again, ZV-1F View your battery level and remaining storage capacity remotely.

the user is ZV-1F As a high quality live streaming device[xv]. With a suitable video conferencing application or similar software, ZV-1F Functions as a high-performance web camera by connecting to a computer or smartphone via USB[xvi].

of ZV-1F Compatible with GP-VPT2BT[xvii] The shooting grip with wireless remote commander provides cable-free control of zoom, recording and more, and expands to a mini tripod for stable hands-free shots.An external microphone can be easily attached to the accessory shoe[xviii] For clear recording.

Supporting a sustainable future

of ZV-1F Designed with eco-friendly features and technology to ensure a sustainable future.Recycled material[xix] Contains Soaplast®[xx] Adopted for both the camera body and bundled accessories, such as the newly developed windscreen[xxi] Tuned to maintain performance. Plant-derived non-woven fabric is used for product bags to reduce plastic packaging.


new ZV-1F Available in Middle East and Africa from November 2022

For detailed product information, please visit:

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