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ShopeeFood Empowering Local Sabah Merchants to be Part of the Digital Economy

SABAH – ShopeeFood aims to continuously empower local businesses in Sabah by enabling local merchants to adopt digitalization. The mobile app also offers customers a seamless experience using ShopeePay when ordering meals with ShopeeFood, and bringing value via promotions and special deals. In conjunction with the 65th Merdeka celebration and Malaysia Day, come celebrate with ShopeeFood as we feature an inspiring story of SMOKIES.

Passion for Food

Clement Chin, 58, born in Sandakan currently residing in Kota Kinabalu, operates SMOKIES with his children. He started the F&B business in October last year as he wanted to build a long-term plan for the future, especially for his children. They are passionate about food and enjoy cooking too.

Chin saw the opportunity of starting something unique, which is smoking meats, western style. It is rare in Sabah mainly due to the long hours of the cooking process, custom-making of the smoker machines and manpower.

“We designed and fabricated our own huge firewood smoker station so we could make sure the meat is tender, smoky, and juicy. We serve all kinds of meat and fish except pork, so our Muslim friends can enjoy the unique flavours too,” quipped Chin, who is also a registered Civil Engineer.

Caption: Clement Chin stands proudly with one of his customer

SMOKIES Going Digital

SMOKIES joined ShopeeFood and ShopeePay in July this year to provide the best services and convenience to its customers. “By going digital with ShopeeFood and ShopeePay, we observed that more customers are aware about SMOKIES. We believe in keeping up with the trend and offering the right platform to our customers. Better services to your customers translate to higher growth and income. Why not embrace the idea of going digital? It is the way forward,” said Chin on a positive note.


Since joining ShopeeFood, Clement notes positive growth for his business. His customers enjoy not only mouth-watering dishes but also food made with natural ingredients and zero waste as SMOKIES currently uses their own unique smoking methods. 

“Some of our customers have given positive feedback, such as it was the best dish they have ever eaten. This kind of complement is important to us as we want to serve something worthwhile to our customers,” said Chin happily. When asked about his customers favourite orders, Clement shared his three best-sellers:

SMOKIES Smoked Beef Cheek

Smoked at a low temperature, the meat is cooked for long hours using their custom-made firewood smoker station to ensure the meat is tender, juicy and melts in your mouth.

SMOKIES Premium Chicken Meatballs

Made from 100% chicken meat and some spices, the meat is tender, moist, and not overpowering with spices. They are served with their very own Smoky Gravy produced from chicken bones, where all the smoky flavours and nutrients come alive.

SMOKIES Mashed Potatoes

With their own unique or rather secret techniques, it is made from 100% pure fresh potatoes, butter, milk, and spices. It is silky, buttery, and smooth in texture. Paired with their signature smoky gravy, it is also served as part of their main meals, including with their SMOKIES Smoked Chicken Satay and Rendang

Future Forward  with ShopeeFood

ShopeeFood connects Shopee users to various eateries, from popular joints to local street food stalls, at the best value. Launched in 2021, ShopeeFood offers users a convenient and seamless food delivery experience while helping merchants digitalise and widen their reach.

Integrated into Shopee’s ecosystem, which includes the mobile wallet, ShopeePay, ShopeeFood provides users with a seamless, secure, and rewarding payment and delivery experience.

Currently ShopeeFood is available in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu. ShopeeFood brings together local merchants like SMOKIES to be part of Shopee’s integrated ecosystem. Going digital will help more entrepreneurs grow their business successfully and ShopeeFood is delighted to be part of this journey.

ShopeeFood and ShopeePay are thrilled to offer some promotions and discounts, just for you in the month of September.  Here’s what in store:

1 SEPTEMBER 2022 – ShopeePay Day

  • Get up to 50% OFF Discount for e-Vouchers

The e-Voucher is cheap, but did you know that for one day only you can get it at an even cheaper price? Here’s how:

– Get exclusive 50% OFF discount vouchers at 12AM-2AM, 12PM-2PM

– 30% OFF discount vouchers during normal hours

Here’s another great news – these vouchers can be applied when purchasing the e-voucher to enjoy the e-voucher at a further discounted price.

  • 100% Prepaid Cashback

Get 100% cashback when you make a prepaid top up and checkout with ShopeePay. How?Just top-up a minimum of RM10 between 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm and stand a chance to get RM10 cashback.

  • Transfer & Win 999,999 Shopee Coins (1.9)

Perform one transfer with ShopeePay and stand a chance to win up to 999,999 Shopee Coins. Really it’s as simple as that! For more information on ShopeePay Day, visit

9 SEPTEMBER 2022 – 9.9 Super Shopping Day

  • ShopeePay 9.9 Transfer and Win Big (09.09.2022, 18.09.2022 and 25.09.2022)

Here are few ways to get more from your ShopeePay wallet during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day:

–        Transfer and win up to to 999,999 Shopee Coins

–        Send Ang Bao to 50 Friends & Get RM15*

–        Earn up to RM5 Cashback when you receive a minimum RM10 DuitNow Transfer*

  • ShopeeFood 9.9 Super Deals (09.09.2022)

Enjoy amazing food offers for ONE day only on 9.9 ShopeeFood Super Deals. Here are three special deals worth waiting for!

–        Super Deals up to 50% off. Here are some participating merchants to keep your tummy happy: US Pizza, A&W, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Bask Bear Coffee, Subway, Old Town White Coffee, Tealive and much more!

–        Free delivery on ALL your food orders with RM15 minimum spend

–        Shocking Sale at RM9. Don’t forget to check your ShopeeFood app on the day

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