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Explore 6 Beauties Of BawangChaji’s Big Big Cup

As one of the three major drinks in the world, tea has a very long tradition and history. Malaysians
are pretty familiar with milk tea, but it always has an unhealthy connotation associated with it. At
BaWangChaJi, we are bringing in a new culture in the tea industry in Malaysia where authentic and
healthy drinks are adored. In the journey of modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea, it is
necessary to serve the beverage with attractive and multifunctional packaging.

Tea lovers in Malaysia who have fallen in love with BaWangChaJi are definitely familiar with the Big
Big Cup that serves the Fresh Milk Tea Series. Have you ever been so curious about the hidden
capabilities of the Big Big Cup? In this article, we will be introducing its specialties and some tips to
play with the cup while immersing in your favourite tea drink.

Creativity Canvas

BaWangChaJi’s Big Big Cup is discovered as a tool for tea lovers to unleash their creativity by drawing or painting on the cup. You can customise your drawings freely and give the Big Big Cup a new and unique look. By looking at the initial design of the cup that comes with its logo which portrays Chinese tea culture, it has inspired a lot of great artworks from our fans during the Merdeka Drawing
Campaign. Now, it is time for you to show the hidden artistic talent by drawing out a masterpiece on the empty spaces of our Big Big Cup.

Goddess’ Selfie Prop

One of the best things about the Big Big Cup is its incredible huge size. It has been the all-time favorite selfie prop of selfie kings and queens because the cup makes our face look smaller in the photo without any edits needed. If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and have a shot. Many fans have provided very interesting responses saying that Big Big Cup is bigger than their face, which makes them harder to resist in capturing more selfies with it.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous

What’s more? The Big Big Cup also provides insta-worthy shots for the young tea lovers. Malaysian influencers also love to check in to the store and upload the shots when they’re holding the Big Big Cup with the backdrop of the stores on their social media. The shots of Big Big Cup have become a trend and it is well-known among youngsters for its attractive and instagrammable outlook.

The Safe Temperature Grip

Enough of the outer beauty, let’s see what kind of inner beauty can the Big Big Cup offer. Do you know that the Big Big Cup has heat and cold resistance functions? The bottom part of the cup is designed to be hollow with the idea to insulate the hot and iced drinks, hence consumers are able to hold it comfortably while enjoying the freshness of the milk tea with satisfaction.

700ml Super Size Tea Volume

Let’s move on to another inner beauty of the Big Big Cup. Did you know that 70% of the Big Big Cup is made to serve 700ml of Fresh Milk Tea Series which is definitely more than other milk tea that comes with a standard volume of 500ml?

Not sure how much is 500ml? It’s your small mineral water. Yes, our fresh milk tea series is filled with a generous amount of 700ml fresh milk tea for tea lovers to enjoy and quench their thirst during hot weather in Malaysia.

Our bestseller is the White Peach Oolong Milk Tea that features White Peach Oolong and New
Zealand fresh milk. It has a simple yet distinctive aroma that you won’t find anywhere else. Apart
from that, we are sure you’ll love the other flavours such as Jasmine Green Milk Tea, Yunnan Puer
Milk Tea, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea and Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea.

Tear for Surprise
BaWangChaJi loves to surprise its fans by storing gifts at the bottom of the cup on special occasions or
celebrations. Fans can also utilise the Big Big Cup as a tool for surprises whether you are planning to confess to your crush or simply surprise your loved ones. Don’t worry, there are sufficient spaces at the bottom of the cup to put cute gifts for your beloved while enjoying our milk tea. A double happiness in one single cup!

Now that you understand more of the Big Big Cup, what are you waiting for? Time to enjoy the drink
and unleash your creative talent at all BaWangChaJi outlets. You can also join the Double 11 Trial
Exam Giveaway on BaWangChaJi’s social media platforms and stand a chance in winning the VIP
Month-Card until 10th of November, 6pm.

To find out more about BaWangChaJi Malaysia’s events and promotions, do follow the Facebook
page as well as Instagram at @bawangchaji_my.

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