Gaya Hidup

Get Ready to Seize Your Outdoor Adventures with the Premium Galaxy Watch5 PRO

Calling out to people who love hiking, trail running and the great outdoors! This is the one, most reliable outdoor Galaxy Watch you should totally keep an eye on!

Created for adventurers and ultra-outdoor enthusiasts, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the newest addition to the Galaxy Watch series that offers one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure tracking experience. These include precise GPS-based guidance, tougher durability, longer battery life, and compass watch faces. So, get ready to ‘go PRO’ and take on all intrepid adventurous trails you can, with the Galaxy Watch5 Pro as your personal outdoor fitness guide!

Exclusively available in the Pro Edition, the built-in GPS guidance features for route-based workouts and adventures encourage users to get outside and explore the great outdoors safely. Whenever you plan to embark on a hiking or cycling journey, let the Galaxy Watch5 Pro know in advance so it can record, download, and import all relevant route data to guide you to the right locations with Route Workout. What’s more, with the help of voice and vibration-guided Turn-by-turn Directions and Track Back, you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the woods or being preoccupied checking the watch for navigations anymore.

While you’re at it, make the most of every outdoor adventure with Auto Workout Tracking 3 to witness your progress accumulate. Whether you’re running, swimming or cycling, the feature automatically recognizes those activities in just minutes! You can also manually track more than 90 exercises, including complex activities like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With its 60% larger battery 4 (590 mAh 5 ), you can spend more time training on your intense outdoor workouts, knowing that the Galaxy Watch5 Pro can outlast your lengthy adventure.

Now, let’s talk about the durability. Built tough 6 for the outdoors, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro has got your back from mountaintop to river rapids and all the external shocks like dirt, sand, rocky surfaces, and so on. It now has an enhanced Sapphire Crystal glass face, super robust Titanium body, a protruding bezel and high water-resistance 7 , which will better guard against scratches, cracks, and damages easily, providing more peace of mind for users with active outdoor lifestyles.

Though ultimately outdoor smartwatches are more about their functionality, they are partly about fashion too! With the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s new D-Buckle 8 Sport Band, elite Titanium casing and unique watch faces, like the compass, you can look sharp and fashionable doing what you love in the outdoors. Another great news is, the Galaxy Watch5 series retains the same quick-release 20mm watch band system as the Galaxy Watch4 series, which gives you a galaxy of band options to style with based to your preferences or mood.

Learn more about the smart outdoor watch, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, that knows you best here:

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