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Samsung Unveils Limited Edition Strap Featuring Your Favourite Local Brands!

Keeping your Galaxy devices secure while you’re on the go – Samsung is making its sustainable and
stylish Galaxy Strap more fun and unique via a new collaboration with some of our favourite local-owned
brands – Mamee Monster, Air Asia and popular Malaysian ice cream parlour, Inside Scoop!

Mamee Monster

Do you recall how we always crush our favourite childhood snack before opening so they become bite

For decades, Mamee Monster have remained close to the hearts of all Malaysians, evoking nostalgia and fond childhood memories Until today, Mamee Monster is still Malaysian’s top favourite snack. This crunchy noodle snack can be eaten right away by complementing it with the flavourful seasoning powder. Rediscover your inner child with these ready-to-eat crunchy noodle snacks that is economical, convenient to eat and most importantly, tasty. Crunch it, shake it, and munch it. You can never get enough of it! Even better, the iconic noodle snack brand recently released a brand new Black Pepper flavour – offering a flavourful punch with a peppery twist that will leave you wanting more!

airasia Super App

A brand synonymous with connecting people to the destinations of their dreams, AirAsia – South East
Asia’s leading low-cost airline has now evolved into the airasia Super App, offering over 15 travel and
lifestyle products on the mobile app. Not only can you fly affordably with the AirAsia airline, you can also
book flights from over 700 other global carriers to more than 3,000 destinations across the globe. Apart
from that, the airasia Super App also enables you to order your next favourite meal with food delivery
services, book a ride with airasia ride, send a parcel with airasia xpress and so much more! Download the
airasia Super App today and experience the SUPER lifestyle today.

Inside Scoop

Freshly handcrafted from scratch using the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer to create
smooth, ultra-creamy texture – what’s there not to love about Inside Scoop’s wide selection of innovative
flavours! With Malaysia’s all-year summer weather, all you need is a scoop – or two, or three, or more! –
of ice cream to cool down! There are a variety of existing flavors in rotation, so you’ll never be bored. Try
their delicious creations like Valrhona Chocolate, Durian and Coffee Almond Fudge.

By embracing openness, Samsung and three of these local brands go beyond the ordinary with their new
collaboration. From 16 May to 30 June 2022, fans can now show off their love for the brands and easily
double as a statement piece to spruce up their everyday look with the accessories.

The Galaxy straps are a limited run, so if you really want one, get in early – they’re free with every
purchase of the Galaxy Cover with Strap! The new collection is available only on the Samsung Malaysia
Online Store. Visit to check them out.

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