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Laurier school of confidence helps female students realise higher education goals

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Advocating that confidence is a key factor in the development and success of women, KAO Laurier Malaysiahas wrapped upPhase One of its Laurier School of Confidence empowerment series involving 65 schools in the central region.  Concluding Phase One with an award ceremony, KAO Laurier Malaysia awarded eight ‘graduates’ of the Laurier School of Confidence with a total of RM12,000, kick-starting their very own Simpan SSPN Prime education savings fund to fulfil their higher education goals.

Guided by KAO’s Kirei philosophy of making life beautiful, the Laurier School of Confidence provided participants a peak into what the future could possibly hold for them if they pursued their dreams with confidence. The series features five contemporary topics and six inspiring young ladies who navigate their dreams and passion with confidence including overcoming cyberbullying and embracing body confidence, encouraging discussions on menstrual hygiene, pursuing one’s dream and passion, adopting skills for entrepreneurship, as well as encouraging greater representation of girls in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field.

“KAO Laurier Malaysia recognises the importance of encouraging greater representation of women and girls from various backgrounds, and encouraging them to discover their own untapped potential. Our hope is that the Laurier School of Confidence is able to create a space in which girls can amplify their confidence and nurture a hunger for knowledge in various areas without boundaries, as well as learn from people who inspire them,” said KAO (Malaysia) President, Itou Hirofumi.

Aimed to serve as a confidence booster for young girls across Malaysia, Phase One of the empowerment series garnered active interest from 600 students. The series incorporated an engaging element which required students to respond to questions at the end of each module.  Eight young girls impressed KAO Laurier Malaysia with their account of personal struggles with self-confidence, body shaming and speech disorders and how the series gave them hope for the future. They were selected as deserving winners for the central region.

Students, parents, and teachers gathered as the Laurier School of Confidence (Central Region) winners were recognised at an awards ceremony. KAO Malaysia President, Itou Hirofumi and Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Chief Operating Officer, Mastura Mohd Khalid, presented each winner with a certificate of excellence and RM1,500 in the form of a Simpan SSPN Prime savings account.

The Laurier School of Confidence is a collaborative effort between KAO Laurier Malaysia and PTPTN as a step forward in uplifting young women as they navigate challenges in their current and future lives. A testament to the success of the series, a participant shared, “The Laurier School of Confidence has helped me change for the better. I now have a boost of confidence to stand and present in front of a class and voice my opinion out.”

Sharing her thoughts at the award ceremony, PTPTN COO, Mastura Mohd Khalid highlighted her hopes for the young participants, “PTPTN is honoured to be part of an initiative that uplifts and empowers young girls across Malaysia. The key towards finding confidence in oneself is to take the first step, and that is the idea behind the series; to act as a jumping point for these young girls towards their future. Education is the key to unlocking potential and we are very happy that KAO Laurier has incorporated the element of rewarding our young winners with a boost to kick start their higher education savings fund.”

Sarah Alesya Hany binti Mohd Fazli, 14-year old, and Nur Sabrina Auji Binti Mohd Zamri, 16-year old, shared thoughts about confidence among young girls and their message for fellow friends who are still struggling in pursuit of self-confidence. 

“The inspiring line-up of speakers on Laurier School of Confidence has implemented new resolution for me to be a better version of myself,” shared Sarah. Earnestly wishing for other girls her age to be able to get inspired and gain self-confidence, she added, “Don’t be scared of people’s perception of yourself. As the future of Malaysia’s economy, we should put more focus on enhancing and expressing our skills and talent to the world, to prove that women can also lead.”

“Confidence for me is being able to overcome life challenges with your own unique ability. That is also the key message that I was able to churn out of the five modules prepared by KAO Laurier,” said Sabrina. “I was especially inspired by Nalisa Alia Amin, as she advocates for body positivity and always strives to be a better person in her own way. I believe self-trust and confidence are among the traits that are extremely important to have, for us to succeed in life,” shared Sabrina, expressing her admiration for Nalisa Alia Amin, one of the speakers in Laurier School of Confidence.

With KAO Laurier Malaysia’s legacy ESG menstrual hygiene education programme on-going in 290 primary and secondary schools across the central region, the Laurier School of Confidence series was focused on 65 secondary schools over the past two months. The series aims to inspire teenage girls to develop into the next generation of confident, empowered, and informed women who will thrive in their field of interest and actively contribute to community and nation-building. Following the success of Phase One, the Laurier School of Confidence is scheduled to continue inspiring and motivating over 168,000 teenage girls in secondary schools across Malaysia until June 2023.

Through its long-term ESG programme, KAO Laurier Malaysia has been a friend to young women for the past 27 years since 1994, with efforts dedicated at supporting and educating girls in hygiene care. To date, KAO Laurier Malaysia has touched the lives of over two million students, from over 8,000 schools through the programme.

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