Gaya Hidup

The world is your runway, so what’s getting in your way? Flex your way with Galaxy Z Flip4

From New York, London and Paris to Kuala Lumpur – the city of dreams and the city of lights, the latest
Galaxy Z series has found its home in this vibrant cosmopolitan. With rich heritage and architecture,
spirited multiculturalism, inspiring street art and modern entertainment, Kuala Lumpur is a fashion centerwhere anyone can dress, look and feel however they please. Fashion is the language that binds
individuals together. It brings an entirely different outlook as to what art can represent or mean. This isfurther amplified through Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022 Top Models as they engage in self-
expression by flexing with the Galaxy Z Flip4.

A must-have, cool fashion item and most importantly, a tool that enables social expression through self- expression and creativity. An ideal balance between style, function and fun. The Galaxy Z Flip4 has been designed to provide individuals with more ways to express who you are – through larger cover screen to let users do more without needing to open the device and a foldable smartphone that has the ability to capture from every angle – whether it is snapping a selfie with a stunning skyline, on-the-go at a café, in the middle of the streets or by the subway.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is more than a folding phone – it’s a statement.
Watch the film to see the Galaxy Z Flip4 in action:
For more information of the Galaxy Z Flip4, visit:

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