De-stress with the all new Ogawa Maestro

Tired, anxious, and worked out?

With the all-new OGAWA Maestro from OGAWA Malaysia, you can turn your house into a wellness centre to boost productivity and performance.

The OGAWA Maestro was introduced earlier this month and has already taken the market by storm. According to Leong Boon Hong, deputy director of OGAWA Malaysia, the company is extending its focus on the health and wellness market, which will develop significantly as more people become health-conscious following the pandemic.

The OGAWA Maestro powered by OVERSEER, combines Smart AI customization, convenience, and comfort to provide a seamless and immersive massage experience.

A survey showed that 51% of Malaysian employees suffer from at least one dimension of work-related stress, and 53% get less than 7 hours of sleep. Additionally, 20% of employees report that workplace bullying contributes to their overall stress.

To add to this, working long hours hunched over the computer and the culture of overworking are manifesting in clinical health conditions and sleep deprivation, according to the survey.

A major finding by HR solutions provider, Employment Hero, said in its Employee Wellness Report that 58% of workers agree feeling burnt out from their work. To cope with all this unnecessary stress, with OGAWA Maestro, we can make our lives easier and more comfortable. The massage chair is powered by innovative technology to provide total relaxation.

The OGAWA Maestro offers an all-encompassing solution, which includes Red Light Therapy, Negative IONs Therapy, Music Therapy with Binaural Beats, AI \Precision Sensors, and an AI Fatigue Tracker.

The AI processor detects the condition of your body before crafting an adaptive programme for the ultimate relaxation session.

By using the OGAWA Maestro, you can indulge yourself in a multi-sensory experience through vision, hearing, and smell.

Red Light Therapy includes wavelengths that encourage your brain to produce melatonin. This naturally occurring hormone tells your body it’s time to sleep. The darker it gets, the more melatonin your body releases to put you into REM and circadian rhythm. REM is the phase when we dream. During this time, brain activity, breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure increase. A circadian rhythm is a natural process that follows a 24-hour cycle that responds to light and dark, affecting most living things including animals, plants, and microbes.

Negative IONs Therapy actively emits negative ions for your body to absorb – which is shown to directly strengthen immunity, reduce fatigue, get rid of static electricity buildup in your body, and even repair your circulatory system. You get healthier the more you sit in this chair, with zero effort!

Music Therapy with Binaural Beats is one of the best ways to get rid of all your stress. With these specially composed binaural beats, your body goes into a meditative state that reduces anxiety, lowers stress, and makes you feel calm and happy. With this, you’ll always stay chill no matter how tough your work gets.

The AI control suite called OVERSEER has been refined from previous generations of AI to balance what your body needs with which experience you prefer; now even faster, better, and more enjoyable than ever.

Using an improved AI Fatigue Tracker, it automatically detects which muscles are tense, selects the ideal strength for each muscle, then recommends the ideal massage experience for you.

The OGAWA Maestro is available for RM27,999 at retail. In connection with the launch, the product is currently on sale for RM20,999 (until March 31), and buyers will also receive a free premium eye massager and a 3-in-1 leather bundle.

Financial concerns burden 22% of employees as reported by Malaysia’s Healthiest Workplace survey by AIA Vitality 2019.

To help Malaysians to own the OGAWA Maestro, the company is offering a 0% installment plan for up to 68 months, which works out to RM10.15 a day.

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