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With Over 80 Taste And Quality Awards, Meadows Is Now Available At Giant, Mercato, Cold Storage Stores

Kuala Lumpur – Meadows has made their way to our local Giant, Mercato and Cold Storage stores bringing great quality at affordable prices to the Malaysian market.

Meadows, renowned for their quality promise, won over 80 such awards in 2021 alone. Meadows won their taste and quality awards from La Monde, the longest-running and most recognised international institute, founded in 1961 and International Taste Institute, the world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food & beverages.

It is no wonder Meadows were able to cinch these awards effortlessly as they go the extra mile to source the best ingredients from all over the world to not only select the best products but ensure them at incredible prices.

Meadows offers thousands of products ranging from fresh produce to household essentials, you can now discover great quality products with incredible prices, at Giant, Cold Storage and Mercato stores.

Visit your nearest Giant, Cold Storage or Mercato stores today, to grab your favourite Meadows product and have a taste, and you’ll find out why they have won over 80 awards in 2021 alone.

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At Meadows – it’s a search that never ends, as they continually bring you new items that win global awards on quality and taste. And the great news is that it is all fitting your budget without a single compromise. Try it for yourself and taste the difference today from your neighbourhood Giant, Mercato or Cold Storage stores!

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