Gaya Hidup

Unfold lasting joy with devices as sturdy as the Galaxy Z Series

With smartphones becoming our daily companions, they are bound to experience its fair share of
mishaps. Simple clumsy fumbling of the phone is one of the most frequent reasons of a tumbled phone.
Yet, certain smartphones, like the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, are a little more rugged and klutz-proof than others. Whether you flip or fold, these devices come equipped with water-resistance, an armor-aluminum reinforced frame, an optimized panel layer, and a tireless hinge for peace of mind in any lifestyle – continuing a tradition of immaculate craftsmanship.

Having one of our strongest Armor Aluminum frames and hinge cover along with the toughest Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ now on the cover screen and rear glass, further ensures your device is secured.

The Galaxy Z series also includes a new stretchy PET 1 protective coating and optimized display panel
layers, resulting in a more durable main screen 2 — which together provides a more robust device that
could possibly withstand daily bumps. According to Kuba Klawiter, a well-known Polish tech YouTuber with over 800K subscribers took it upon himself to conduct a durability test on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. The test was conducted in a live streaming format on Klawiter’s international YouTube channel Mrkeybrd for 143 hours (#5 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes) and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G endured 418 502 folds. The goal was to expose users to a variety of possible scenarios and settings, including ice, dirt and sand, to evaluate how well the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G holds up in the end.

You can only expect the unexpected when you’re out on your everyday quests, thus having a sturdy
smartphone like the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G that is durable and long-lasting will offer
you a peace of mind like no other!

Watch and find out more about the durability test here:
For more information on the Galaxy Z series, please visit:
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G:
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G:

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