Persistent Systems foresees IBM’s Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps gaining momentum in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – In 2025, 60% of infrastructure, security, data, and network offerings will require cloud-based control platforms that enable extensive automation and promise major reductions in ongoing operational costs according to international research firm IDC.

To this end, IBM Malaysia and Persistent Systems are confident that the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps platform would be well received in the local market to businesses transform their IT operations, innovate faster and reduce operational costs across a changing landscape.

“Businesses have told us that they are not realising optimum return-of-investment (RoI) because executives and decision-makers are identifying blind spots in their IT performance, impacting business outcomes,” said Kuljesh Puri, Senior Vice President & General Manager – IBM Alliance, Communications, Media & Product Business, Persistent Systems.

Kuljesh said that strong momentum stems from Chief Information Officers (CIOs) constantly looking for ways to gain insights into the organisation’s infrastructure and IT applications, to enhance IT availability and optimize IT team performance.

He added that Persistent has also implemented the Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps which has in turn elevated the company’s productivity and IT operational efficiencies.

“The end goal is to enable IT teams with the ability to deliver experiential excellence, bridge talent gaps and drive more business outcomes with reliability and efficiency through automated, intelligent IT operations.”

The Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps is a platform that deploys advanced, explainable AI across the ITOps toolchain, discovers and correlates anomalies across components and localises faults so that companies can confidently assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads.

Its latest release contains a new product feature that incorporates business context data within the AIOps Insights Dashboard, enabling executive stakeholders to correlate business key performance indicators (KPIs) to application issues while also enabling them to prioritise remediation responses based on the impact they will have.

“At our end, we have also value-added to the platform by focusing on conducive integration between various solution functions, such as event, topology, and performance to create meaningful and actionable insights for users,” he further said.

This reduces users’ troubleshooting time, while also helping them further in engineering and operation planning and increasing operational efficiencies.

“Once the platform is successfully implemented, we would then help the customer to take advantage of the solution further to improve their network efficiencies continuously across industries,” he said

Meanwhile, Catherine Lian, IBM Malaysia Managing Director and Technology Leader, said that IBM is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at scale to the IT operations, and embracing machine learning to provide end-to-end automation in the IT infrastructure.

Many of the underlying technologies in IBM AIOps capabilities, to deploy an event management solution that uses AI-driven, correlate across all relevant data sources. Detect hidden anomalies, anticipate issues and resolve them faster. Proactively avoid risks to get ahead of end-user and business impact.

“IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps takes a unique application-centric approach to ITOps that helps businesses automate labour, intensive IT processes and proactively mitigate high-impact events,” she further said, citing a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact report found that IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps helped businesses reduce the number of incidents by 50%.

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