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Wawasanita Malaysia Enters Strategic Cooperation with Jasmine Restaurant, London

Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Women’s Visionary Entrepreneurs Association (WAWASANITA) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK to mark their inaugural collaboration as a Strategic Partner of Women’s Empowerment in the association’s efforts to expand the export and trade business network ready for Malaysian entrepreneurs to conquer the UK and the European market.

The collaboration between JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK represented by its Chairman, Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff (left) and WAWASANITA Malaysia, represented by its Chairman, YBhg Datin Norly Alias in a ceremony held at Hotel Royale Chulan, Damansara yesterday.

WAWASANITA was represented by its Chairman, YBhg Datin Norly Alias while JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK was also represented by its Chairman, Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff. These two entities will work together in forming strategic partnerships, business matching, branding and promoting Malaysian Entrepreneurs as best as possible to facilitate a journey of ‘Local Go Global’ – # Export Ready can be achieved.

With the signing of the MoU, JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK will act as a ‘brick & mortar’ host and platform in London, as well as become a premium hub for Malaysian trade and industry participants, especially for the marketing of export-ready products worked by local entrepreneurs who consisting of members of WAWASANITA for the development of the global market.

This will at once help boost WAWASANITA’s mission to achieve the association’s entity goals as a professional body intended as a choice for experts and intelligence on international trade missions.

Things are made possible with the expertise and knowledge of the WAWASANITA Trade Mission division, a women’s NGO organization that was created 26 years ago that is now led by YBhg Datin Norly Alias who is praised, very powerful to channel and represent the products of Malaysian women entrepreneurs and produced, covering and fulfilling the supply and UK merchant demand and business-to-business (B-to-B) expansion.

In addition, this initiative is also to promote trade relations between Malaysia and the United Kingdom and Europe, which will help export activities to be more efficient and productive.

Wawasanita Malaysia with a commendable portfolio in promoting trade mission activities, has participated in a total of 24 series of programs in 2022, covering local and international post-pandemic destinations, receiving strong support and recommendations with the Embassy and High Commissioners will perform their best work in all areas required to Export business.

This event was successfully organized by Head of Publicity Mrs. Sue Rahman #SRCCPUBLICITY on behalf of Mercu Food UK Ltd.

About JASMINE Restaurant, London , UK
Jasmine Restaurant is a subsidiary of Mercu Group, under the F&B and Lifestyle segments. Located in the elite area of London, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London. A Malaysian-owned restaurant, since 2021 to meet the lunch and dinner booking needs of locals and tourists.

Jasmine Restaurant is positioning its brand as a ‘Must Go / Pinned Location’ destination for Malaysian tourists and international visitors, to enjoy, explore and experience ‘Truly Malaysian’ travel hospitality to the fullest.

Led by President Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff with the corporate support of Mercu Group Malaysia, led by the Chairman, YBhg Datuk Sri Ahmed Sukimi Ibrahim, Jasmine Restaurant began its success to become a well-known brand serving abroad, representing Malaysia at its best.

This premium F&B premise with spacious spaces, conservatories and a warm atmosphere while serving delicious Malaysian fusion cuisine, welcomes guests to enter the doors of Jasmine Restaurant to embark on an exciting delicious journey and will soon take another prominent vision to put its name as a Culinary Hub and Lifestyle Art Boutique, which represents the culture and lifestyle of Malaysia, Asia and is open for collaboration and participation to other countries.

As the host, YBhg Datin Seri Mastura Yusoff, is also well-known among the Malaysian community and Londoners for her cooking skills, amazing original Terengganu dishes, in addition to being an icon of Malaysian Women Empowered Entrepreneurs, hoping to succeed in London.

Event Organizer 1 Asia Food Fiesta
For the near future, which is in May 2023, JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK and WAWASANITA Malaysia will promote and market Malaysian products and entrepreneurs in the organization of the event – 1 Asia Food Fiesta with participants from the United Kingdom Muslim Community and Embassy (Asian Embassy Row) for the event this.

The participants will promote and serve special food and festive cuisine for their country to be enjoyed by all in conjunction with the 2023 Aidilfitri celebration.

This event is scheduled to take place from 5 to 7 May 2023, with JASMINE Restaurant, London, UK as the host location and the Malaysian WAWASANITA delegation as guests from Malaysia for promotional and export purposes.

Organizers will also invite UK and Malaysian media organisations. This event is also expected to receive support from the UK High Commissioner, MATRADE and the Ministry in London in the spirit of Malaysian unity, Unity in the world.

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