BUDGET 2022:   MVIA Suggests Implementation of Vape Regulations 

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) has urged the government to introduce vape regulations as part of the 2022 Budget tabling which is scheduled for next month.

MVIA believes that the implementation of regulations will not only boost the country’s economy but also attract foreign direct investments for the vape industry and ensure the quality and standard of vape products.

According to Rizani Zakaria, President of the Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy, the vape industry has been pushing for vape regulations for the industry for a while now. Given the economic and health challenges faced by the country, MVIA believes it is time for vape regulations to be implemented. 

“The 2022 Budget will be tabled soon. We hope that our input gets the attention of the Government, and they are encouraged to immediately regulate the local vape industry. MVIA is ready to assist the government and be the voice of the industry to be jointly involved in the development of the regulations.”

Rizani added that MVIA has shared its recommendations with the relevant ministries and at the same time, have requested for a consultation session to provide feedback on the regulatory requirements for the vape industry.

He added that a strong and resilient industry not only benefits industry players and consumers but also encourages entrepreneurs especially Bumiputera to get involved in the industry, which will in turn offer employment opportunities.

To-date, the vape industry has successfully created thousands of job opportunities and is able to generate billions of dollars for the local economy. MVIA estimates the local vape industry is worth RM2.27 billion with 3,300 registered businesses.

“We are aware that the government is working towards the country’s recovery through the National Recovery Plan. The government should list the vape industry as one of the focus areas that can help economic development, human capital and public health,” he added.

On this matter, Rizani said the majority of vape users in Malaysia are former smokers and support the Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) strategy. 

“Only with regulations, a set of standards can be set, and product quality can be guaranteed. Additionally, regulations should also take into account the differences in traditional tobacco and vape products. One is a product that has been proven to be harmful and poses high health risk while vape products have been proven to be less harmful and can aid smokers in their quit journey.”

“Therefore, regulations must be different to allow less harmful vape products to be promoted to help smokers quit smoking and reduce the rate of smokers in Malaysia,” Rizani concluded.

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